Float ball steam traps

Ball float steam traps work on the principle of density difference between steam and condensate, similar inverted bucket steam traps.

The steam or condensate is delivered, in the housing of the trap. If the condensate reach the case, the float ball will emerge and move the mechanism into an open position so that condensate can freely flow out of housing in condenzate pipeline. If the steam reaches, float ball will fall to the bottom of the steam trap body and put trap into a closed position preventing steam to exit in condensate pipeline.

All float ball steam traps have integrated thermoelement, which has the function to the start of the drop uncondesed gases in to the condensate pipeline. In this way, provided the unimpeded start.

Float ball steam traps are used to maintain the level of condensate in evaporators. In this way you can avoid the use of expensive automation.

We recommend the application of ball float steam traps for large heat exchangers. This steam traps are indispensable for large consumers, consumers with narrow limits of temperature regulation and so on.

Technical sheet for this product

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Float ball steam trap ype OKP-E (high capacity)457 kBView Download

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