Steam traps

Inverted bucket steam traps | Float ball steam traps | THERMOSTATIC THERMOCAPSULE STEAM TRAPS | Thermostatic bimetallic steam traps | Thermodynamic steam traps | Steam indicator |

Steam traps that we are producing has excellent characteristics, robust design and long exploitation life time... More...

Control valves

Pressure regulators with servo device | Direct action pressure regulators | Irreversibly relief valve | Temperature control valve type RT | Flow regulators | electric valves |

Our control valves have found wide application in industry, for regulation of: pressure, temperature and flow regulators. We are manufacturing control valves for mediums like: steam, air, water and other fluids... More...

Safety valves

Safety valves with spring | Weight operated safety valve type VST |

We are producing several kinds of safety valves for: steam, water and air. As well as special kind of safety valves made by customer order... More...

Water supply program

Pressure regulating valves for water | Valve control of liquid level | Water supply program |

Termoenergetika developed complete program of self operated pressure control valves for water supply industry... More...

Finished systems, substations and other products

Pressure management system | Reducing Station | Steam pump | Evaporator |


We have earned acredtation for safety valve testing laboratory according to ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO 4126-1

We have produced so far biggest water control valve so far...

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